SAFE has a free EP you should GET. It’s ALONG the lines of GOOD, chill music.

we drink liquor, we drink wine, you show me yours and i’ll show you mine

♫ Safe – Get Along Good

Now that Safe’s “Twenty Years On” has landed near the top of the best song’s of the year list, you may be wondering what else this wild-haired goat-enthusiast has to offer? Well wonder no further because he’s got a whole 10 song EP that he is offering for free download! The whole collection is delicate and sparse dreaminess that is perfect for a sleepy Sunday afternoon in the sun or just general mellow time. As if that endorsement wasn’t enough, remember that Safe is managed by, and on the label of, neighboring Best Song alums Das Racist. Completely different musical styles, but both bands landed in the top 3 of this years list. They are doing something right over at Greenhead Records! Anyway, back to Safe. The Safe EP is groovy hazy awesomeness that awaits your ears and is also available on cassette and VHS for those inclined! Get on it and enjoy some music that wont make you sweat so much!

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