SIA has taken a song YOU’VE heard before and CHANGED it. For the better.


making waves was your hobby and i asked you to move me

♫ Sia – You’ve Changed

About a year ago Sia did a guest spot on a track for Lauren Flax called “You’ve Changed.” It was blogged about. People enjoyed it. Life moved on. BUT! Apparently Sia enjoyed it A LOT, cause she jacked the song for her forthcoming LP We Are Born, kicked the jam up 8 notches, and then leaked it for the world to enjoy. That’s how you do it, girl! This thing is dance beast that will get you hyped for sure. That guitar riff is epic and the delivery of “for the be-teh-errr” is on point. Kinda hard to believe this is the same Sia that had everyone crying during the season finale of Six Feet Under. Anyway, I’m stoked on her newfound energy and am looking too see what else she has cooked up for us.

♫ Sia – Buttons (CSS Remix)

In the meantime here get your rocks off to this awesome treatment CSS gave “Buttons.” One of my favorite remixes.

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  1. kaouchips
    kaouchips says:

    SIAAAA!! I had the chance to see her on stage, this woman is just NUTS (positive way!), a total freeek! Buttons is one of my fav songs, but i prefer the original version, (1st song she performed during that concert, all dressed up >>
    I am also a big fan of her songs ftg Zero 7 such as Distractions, it's like comfort food to my ears!!

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Hell yeah, Zero 7 was my first introduction to Sia and a classic chill
    out band. I'm definitely looking forward to her new album.

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