[STREAM] Seye – “White Noise”

the only way the taste of me is pouring sugar on the outside

  • Who: Seye Adelekan
  • What: Angular electro pop, like Jhameel, Ghost Beach, Asbjorn
  • Where: London + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Nothing official yet but regular covers pop up on his Soundcloud.
  • Why: If you are sitting down you won’t be for long cause this is a body mover! I put this on in the car with my brother the other day right away he said “woah.” It’s an appropriate reaction. The song comes at you quick. But that’s whats so great. Seye has a perfect beat and he works it. His smooth voice draping over it, adding sheen to the rhythm. It’s no surprise the musicianship is tight as a jam jar since Seye (pronounced Shey-ah) has long been doing guitar work for bands like The Noisettes and Ellie Goulding. Plus his brother Gbenga is in Metronomy so there is clearly something in that blood. All I know is I have “White Noise” on pretty much constant repeat.

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