SUNGLASSES’ video may give you visual WHIPLASH

as i ride through the trees a feeling fills my heart

♫ Sunglasses – Whiplash

Savannah, Georgia, is known for a lot of things, but most recently it has birthed Sunglasses. These two S.C.A.D. grads came my way via IGIF and I’ve been dancing with a silly grin on my face ever since. Where were these guys to properly stomp on all the chill-wave baloney last summer? I could have definitely utilized “Whiplash”as a cruising jam and now that the weather is warming, I think I will. Until then I will just have to laughingly grimace through repeated viewings of their taste-bending video for “Whiplash” and rock out to their other leaked jam. And wait for a proper release of course. Time is ticking, dudes! Needless to say, we need Sunglasses in time for summer!

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