Remix Roundup Vol. 17 – 2.19.10 [Special Edition: The xx & Theophilus London]

What do a group of pale, barely 20, sexed-up Londoners have to do with a black hip-hopster from Brooklyn and why put them in the same roundup? Well, besides both being pumped through my speakers nonstop lately, neither can seem to keep their hands clean of remixes. There is one track on which their paths even cross. Theo’s remixes aren’t really my favorite but they definitely provide an interesting view on one of the more eclectic artists on the scene lately and they certainly don’t lessen my excitement for a proper debut from the dude.

♫ The Very Best – Warm Heart of Africa (Theophilus London Remix) / Theo loves to throw his own rhymes over the tracks he remixes and this is a perfect introduction to that steez. Not a lot different here, musically, more mixtape material than proper remix.

♫ Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Penguin Prison Remix ft. Theophilus London) / Oooh, Theo makes it clear right off the bat that he is upping his game here. Penguin Prison lays down slick layers of remix gold as Theo hangs back before swinging in with breathy rhymes that fit perfectly with the music.

♫ Jack Penate – Pull My Heart Away (Jamie xx Remix ft. Theophilus London) / And in steps Jamie from The xx to tie this post together nicely! The original track takes a backseat to Jamie’s muffled beat and off-kilter drums as Theo takes center stage with his rhymes.

♫ The xx – VCR (Matthew Dear Remix) / The xx’s latest single gets a bit of a weird bump n’ grunt treatment from Matthew Dear that slowly comes into it’s own as it steadily builds.

♫ The xx – Night Time (Danny G Pop Art Remixxx) / Danny G kicks “Night Time” straight onto the dance floor with this strobe-light worthy remix.

♫ The xx – Crystalised (Popular Damage Assimilation) / The party continues with Popular Danage’s gritty re-work of The xx’s first hit. It is a quite a departure from the sensual tenderness of the original but it’s interesting to hear the original vocals hold their own over the relentless rocking beneath.

♫ The Hood Internet – The XX Gon’ Give It To Ya (DMX vs The XX) / Wouldn’t be a TBE Remix Roundup without a Hood Internet jam and this time is no different. My boys struck gold with this inspired combo as DMX rips fools a new asshole over The xx’s instrumental “Intro.” Genius. “XX gonna give it to ya!”

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