BOY CRISIS feature some sweet jams as well as L’HOMME from that Taco Hut song

there’s a party in my brain and there’s no discernible dress code

♫ Boy Crisis – L’Homme

It was no easy feat getting my mitts on Boy Crisis’ Tulipomania but a little help from a TBE reader finally got me what I was looking for. After searching high and low for the album and enjoying the shit out of “Fountain of Youth” and “Strawberries” I had a feeling that the disc wouldn’t live up to my heightened expectations, and, well, I was kinda right. Tulipomania is a solid album filed with all manner of sexed-up funk but it’s not all gold. Tracks like “Bohemian Grove,” “To Be Nasty” and “Ganglion of Lightnings” feel a bit half baked and don’t pack near the punch of the album’s opening three tracks, “Fountain Of Youth,” “Dressed To Digress” and “Strawberries.” “L’Homme” is the mid album peak with it’s pulsing beat and instrumentation worthy of your best disco moves. I’ve definitely been jamming to this one quite a bit lately. “Indian Summer” closes things on a toned down, if still funky, mood and all in all, Tulipomania definitely not a bad debut. Some editing, however, would have made it one of the best EPs of ’09.

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