[The Vs. EP] Macklemore X Ryan Lewis (+Music Videos)

If you’re from the 206 (Seattle) you may have known about Macklemore for some time.  If you’re not and you don’t know who he is, then let me introduce you to the next big thing in hip hop music.   I was lucky enough to finally see him perform live at this years SXSW music festival in Austin.  That day he put on one of the best live hip hop performances Ive ever seen.  Possibly even one of the best overall regardless of genre.  Macklemore brings serious energy and between his energy and Ryan Lewis’s beats, they crumbled the Beauty Bar down that evening.

♫ Macklemore X Ryan Lewis- And We Danced / This song, although not on the EP was in my opinion the highlight of the show.  Macklemore not only has ridiculous stage presence, but even goes into character for the entirety of this jam.

Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis joined forces in 2008 to create their debut EP entitled “VS,” based off an idea to sample relevant contemporary bands.  Lets be happy they did too, as this is one of my favorite EPs to date.  Check out these three tunes and you be the judge.

♫ Macklemore X Ryan Lewis- Otherside

♫ Macklemore X Ryan Lewis- Irish Celebration / This song was in heavy rotation in our house due to our two Irish lads living with us at the time.  I think they considered it their theme song in America.  That being said, this is a great song.  (Shout out to Chris and Dutsy baby)

♫ Macklemore X Ryan Lewis- Kings

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Download Zip file of The Vs. EP (doesnt include And We Danced)

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