[MP3] MATT & KIM find it hard to use CAMERAS when they are rocking so hard

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♫ Matt and Kim – Cameras

Matt & Kim are back! While I’ve never fallen in love with any of their albums, I have always been a huge fan simply because they are the most fun band to watch perform. Ever. If you have never seen the video for their debut’s highlight “Yea Yeah” then fix that now. While you are at it, make sure you watch their video for last years “Lessons Learned.” Brilliant. Ok, back to the music. Matt & Kim have always been so scrappy and ragged that it’s a (pleasant) surprise that they were so embraced by the mainstream. Their recent notoriety would make it prime time to drop an overproduced mess of songs on forthcoming LP Sidewalks but I trust the Brooklyn duo to keep it real. The albums first single, “Cameras,” shows off a happy medium of their signature ragged drums n’ keyboards combo as well as some nice horns and some other weird effects. It’s the most “full” Matt & Kim song ever but still sticks to their sound. I’m officially stoked on Sidewalks (out Nov. 2) and looking forward to some down and dirty house parties with this blasting on the boombox!

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  1. candace
    candace says:

    yeah, i love them and am bummed that their show here friday night sold out before i could get my hot little hands on some tickets. (same thing happened with la roux, just my luck!)

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