WhoMadeWho have the perfect song to Keep Me In My Plane/Place


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WhoMadeWho – Keep Me in My Plane

You may remember WhoMadeWho from the excellent Discodeine remix of their single “The Plot,” the original of which I wasn’t that into. Well, WhoMadeWho popped onto my radar again with their lattest single “Keep Me In Plane” which is a pretty cool mellowed-out funk jam with an awesome video. That was enough to convince me to pick up their latest album The Plot and there are definitely a few good tracks on there. They are a bit too groany stoner rock for my tastes but when they hit a groove they hit it.

WhoMadeWho – The Plot

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  1. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    I looove this video. So good. The rare fan of TBE-TV will remember it from that page's early days.

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