[EP] Godwolf – GODWOLF EP (w/ “Another Me” & “Crosses” Jose Gonzalez cover)

you can’t break what you can’t see, you cant’s take what’s yours to keep, you can’t steal it if its free

♫ Godwolf – Another Me

  • Who: Joe Kosky & Tom Armstrong
  • What: Indie electro variety pack, like Gemini Club, Is Tropical, Kitten Berry Crunch
  • Where: Melbourne, Australia + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Their debut EP is out now for free.
  • Why: I can’t place what 90’s alternative rock jam “Another Me” kicks off like but it doesn’t really matter because things quickly diverge into a swirl of beats and grooves that set this track in the now. That kind of twist on your expectations is all over Godwolf’s debut EP as they spin from electro tenderness like “Another Me” to harsher rhythms like “Reaching For The Dark” to screechy bangers lie “Dead Weight” or even some dubstep dabbling on their stellar cover of “Crosses.”

♫ Godwolf – Crosses (Jose Gonzalez cover)

These two Australians are clearly wielding some sharp talent and I’m looking forward to more tight jams. Grab the other 4 tracks on the EP free from their Soundcloud..

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  1. J Rich
    J Rich says:

    that cover of “crosses” is sick! (until the random dubstep breakdown that feels really out of place.) overall the dudes seem pretty cool though.

  2. Jime Poncho
    Jime Poncho says:

    “I can’t place what 90′s alternative rock jam “Another Me” kicks off like…”

    Are you thinking of “soul to squeeze” by red hot chili peppers? i thought of that as soon as that song started.

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