[EP] Navajo Youth – HEAVY HEART EP (w/ “Heavy Heart”)

oh please just understand there’s constellations formed to spell your name 

♫ Navajo Youth – Heavy Heart

  • Who: An English guy with a headdress and face paint.
  • What: Peppy electro pop, like Patrick Wolf, Passion Pit, Frankmusik
  • Where: Leeds, UK + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: The Heavy Heart EP is out March 5th.
  • Why: Navajo Youth released his first EP The Realist’s Enchantment With the Affectations of Affection this time last year and it’s a solid snapshot of a man finding his sound. The Heavy Heart EP, on the other hand, is a statement of purpose. Beats are solid, vocals are big, and the hooks are sharp. “Heavy Heart” wastes no time before kicking itself into high gear, grinding and grooving along to vocals that always make me think of Jon Secada. (Not the comparison he was looking for I’m sure, but meant in the best way.) The EP continues with big pop polish through 3 more jams that each bring a different facet of Navajo Youth to the dance-floor. “Heartbreaker,” especially, takes things back for a full neon 80s dance off needs to have a fan video ASAP.
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