[EP] PANCE PARTY lead me on a RAINBOW of a magical ROAD

♫ Pance Party – Rainbow Road

Aside from having one of the best names in the game, Pance Party also happen to bring the heat with their music. Regular TBE readers are no doubt familiar with a few of San Francisco based trio’s remixes as well as their stellar original track “Big Mouth” from back in the summer of 2009. Well thank our lucky stars that these dudes are back with a free EP of dance floor melting goodness to propel you into your weekend with more force than Hugo Vickers blocking Colbert’s pinkie. “Rainbow Road” kicks off it’s own EP and sets the mood oh so right. Listening to this song feels like I’m driving one of those convertibles from Crusin’ USA except that I’m not racing anyone and my digital co-pilot is a real babe . And then, as we whiz along the coastline and the sun slips behind the pixellated horizon, the sky explodes like a Nintendo firecracker and the car turns into a dance floor and the headlights start strobing and the a bunch of Marios jump out of the trunk and start doing a synchronized dance routine that includes jumping on a turtle shell.

Holy crap. I guess that’s what its like to drive on Rainbow Road. Grab the whole EP here and don’t forget to donate a little something to the cause before you slap it all on a CDR and head on your own trip.

Listen free @ MOG /// Soundcloud /// Amazon

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