PANCE PARTY have beats so BIG I’m dancing with my MOUTH

Pance Party

i don’t believe a word you say, you’re just a big mouth anyway

♫ Pance Party – Big Mouth

My “cooler” friends tend to tell me that TBE leans too electro and/or dance, to which I reply that they lean too dumb and/or lame. Why they gotta have such a big mouth? …speaking of big mouths (see what I did there?), San Fransisco trio Pance Party have a big jam for your weekend pleasure. Their stuff can get a bit hectic for my tastes, but this one is right on point. Just try not to bob/sing along by the 3rd minute.

Bury your dance in MyPance

Double Dance BONUS! ♫ Fake Blood – I Think I Like It

Fake Blood, the UK team behind my favorite “Animal” remix (and others!) may be hesitant with their approval, but I’m not! Their Fix Your Accent EP is out now at eMusic with two more bumpin tracks, including the weirdly funny title track.

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