[EP] THE ECLECTIC MONIKER should soundtrack an EASTER party on an ISLAND

i’ll break the boat but i’ll keep floating, i’ll get another transport right away

♫ The Eclectic Moniker – Easter Island

The weather is getting warmer and the vibrations of the sun are slowly warming our spirits. Such a defrosting needs the appropriate soundtrack and sometimes such a tropical solution comes from an odd place like Denmark. Name dropping Barcelona, The South Pacific, Argentina, and itself, “Easter Island” does a damn good job of transporting me straight to the beach and placing a beautiful cocktail umbrella in my blended drink. Grab the rest of The Eclectic Moniker’s sun-kissed EP A Part Of Something Bigger for free at their Bandcamp. And remember to use sunscreen on the tops of your feet.

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  1. Arletta
    Arletta says:

    No problem! I’m not looking for credit, I’m glad to share such a great music! And I’m happy when people listen to it and like it :)

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