[MP3] THE BOTANIKS make music i’m damn FOND OF and i have to remember to tell JANE about them

a sting of bees on your upper lip, the thrill of the chase or a caffeine drip

♫ The Botaniks – Fond of Jane ft. Bernhoft

If you went through Sunday’s TBE Digest then you surely caught The Botaniks’ spine-tingling remix of Local Natives. How awesome is it that the Norwegian duo are equally magical on their own? “Fond Of Jane” wiggles and thumps with heavy sensuality that almost seems like the music is flirting with me. It’s like a beautiful woman eyeing me from across the dance-floor, her hips like tractor beams pulling into a rhythmic trance. This may not be safe music to drive to. I know I’d get lost in the beat and trying to match Bernhoft’s falsetto peaks. My eyes always close! So far the two songs I’ve posted are only things The Botaniks  have released but you can be damn sure I’ll be updating these pages with their progress. Mmm-mmm good!

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  1. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    This was my favourite song of 2011. The vocals were complimentary to the sounds of The Botaniks in everyway possible.

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