[MP3] THE WEEKND fill my HOUSE with the sound OF dirty grooves like floating like BALLOONS. Not on the GLASS TABLE, GIRLS!

and i don’t close doors, so i listen to her moans echo

♫ The Weeknd – House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls

Unh…yeah… UNHH! Say it with me, unhh. It’s kinda like that fake sex noise you make when you are mock-humping something only you extend the groan and get it deeper. That’s the sound of as well as the sound for “House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls.” It’s music for a night drive. It’s music for fog machines. It’s music for sex. It’s music for taking a night drive (with a fog machine riding shotgun) to go have some sex. It’s no wonder The Weeknd have been blowing up the blogs lately, this kind of grimy electro R&B is something worth writing about. Luckily there is more from this mysterious Canadian duo. “House Of Balloons” is the title track off their free mixtape that is supposedly the shiznit. Please excuse me as I dip out to nab it. Listen to it below if you need to.

The Weeknd – House Of Balloons by The_Weeknd

Get loud at Soundcloud /// Amazon too

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  1. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    I’ve actually got a pretty great mixtape coming up next week that will perfect for the car! It’s not as dark and sexy as this but more spring fun times. Stay tuned…

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Glad you are digging it!

    And yeah, weird about that twitter widget. I haven’t changed anything. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll have to look into that…

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