[EP] THEOPHILUS LONDON makes me wonder WHY people would EVEN TRY not to get down to these jams

what if there’s not a simple way out, reception is bad and you’re calling me now

♫ Theophilus London – Why Even Try (Ft. Sara Quin)

Theophilus London is an interesting character. Not only does he have a unique personal style and some great music videos, but his music so far has varied from sublime to sub-par. After 3 mixtapes we are finally getting a proper release from the guy and while early sample “Flying Overseas” didn’t win me over like “Humdrum Town” (a high bar, I admit) it has grown on me and I’m feeling it much more on this funky little EP. Lovers Holiday starts off with “Why Even Try” and Sara Quin (of “Tegan &” fame) brings a nice vocal balance to London’s loose rhymes. It’s a solid funk jam, perfect for getting that head bobbin and awkwardly singing along to. “Strange Love” ups the ante a bit, adding a more ambitious rhythm while “Girls Girls $” is a bass thumping dance jam that makes me want to pop bottles of swagger from beat 1. “Wine and Chocolates” reigns things back in for a minute for some strangely Kudi-esque rhyming before closing things out with “Flying Overseas.”

My problem with London was always that his mixtapes were often meandering and seemed half baked. Tracks like “Humdrum Town” were instant classics while others made me reach for the skip button for their lack of polish or fresh ideas. Lover Holiday is definitely a more polished affair that one could argue betrays it’s major label heritage but to me that’s just fine. I’m a big fan of this EP and would definitely take 5 more tracks like these and call it a solid debut LP. None of these tracks may have the raw staying power of “Humdrum Town” but when the music’s this groove-able, why would anyone be arguing?

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