[EP] Youngblood Hawke – YOUNGBLOOD HAWKE (w/ “We Come Running”)

headed for the open door, tell me what you’re waiting for

Youngblood Hawke and their new jam “We Come Running” have blown up in the past week. The most requested song on LA’s KROQ radio. Universal Records fast-tracked their EP for a release this week. iTunes is offering a free mp3 download of the song as Song Of The Week. I don’t wanna say that its ALL because of their performance at our SXSW parties… but I don’t wanna say it isn’t. I do wanna say that this jams kicks like the summer sun when you pull back the blinds. It’s in your face and gonna stick with you for the rest of the day. Get caught up with other EP favorite “Rootless” and then pick up the full 4 song bundle here. Summer isn’t over until we say it is.