[LIVE] Meg Myers @ The Bootleg, Los Angeles, Aug. 13, 2012


♫ Meg Myers – Adelaide

Army Navy opened. Tribes after that. The room was pretty full for both and people watched. Then Meg Myers came on and I realized that nobody had really been watching the previous bands because now they were really watching. Listening. Entranced. Myers’ diminutive frame held the audience through fantastic renditions of the songs off her great debut EP and a few others. With her on stage, her body taken hostage by the music and it’s emotions, its clear she is a talent here to stay. Well, not on stages this small but you know what I mean. Anyone in LA would be wise to catch her at one of her 2 remaining residency dates. They are free. Its a no brainer.

Upcoming shows:

  Aug 20 Bootleg Bar Los Angeles, CA
  Aug 27 Bootleg Bar Los Angeles, CA
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