[EP/LIVE] Harlan – NATIVE SON (w/ “The Come Down”) + @ The Echo, May 21

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♫ Harlan – The Come Down

  • Who: Harlan Silverman & friends
  • What: Funky soul pop, like Mayer Hawthorne, Seye, Prince
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
  • When: Native Son EP is out now (Stream it below).
  • Why: Big, bold, and undeniably dripping with sultry grooves is the name of Harlan’s game. Jams like “The Come Down” are instant ear pleasers, getting you to sing along before the first listen is through. Other tracks go slower, establishing a mood or feeling with Harlan’s super-tight musicianship (he plays all instruments). Native Son concludes with “Dancing On The Bed,” a perfectly named funkmobile that celebrates all the best things about Harlan. All the things he celebrates in his live show.

While Harlan’s debut EP Native Son is varied, textured, and showcases a broad new talent. Harlan’s live show, however, only has one setting: dance party. His touring band The Powers may be a motley crew of style but they all take care of business like pros. The real talent is Harlan himself. Watching him shred on the guitar is a total treat. He is clearly a man with both immense love and skill for his instruments. Anyone who can get an LA crowd dancing on a Monday is surely some kind of wizard.

Stream the EP below and catch a new jam “A.D.” from his forthcoming full LP.

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