GOOD SHOES are UNDER appreciated? You be in CONTROL!

the more i want the less i feel it, the more i get the less i need it

♫ Good Shoes – Under Control

Good Shoes are hit and miss. I have heard a few of their older tracks and been non-plussed. “Under Control” is a jam in my book and has been feeding my inner spazz for a few weeks now. Lukewarm reviews of their recent LP No Hope, No Future make me hesitant to move past “Under Control” to perhaps less green/rocking pastures. Anyone have any thoughts on the album? Do they maintain bass-lines as fun as this for all10 tracks or is it as exciting as that swimming pool looks? Their MySpace has a link to another free track for those of you feeling adventurous.

Bury your face in MySpace /// eMusic too

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