KIDS OF 88 are JUST what i like A LITTLE BIT of going on at MY HOUSE

wrap it baby I’m taking you home, get off your throne i want you alone

♫ Kids of 88 – Just A Little Bit

Kids of 88 are two friends from Auckland, New Zealand, who decided that making epic electro-dance music was a good idea. So aside from being super smart they also make some straight jams. “Just A Little Bit” (above) is their new single and showcases the smoother and subtler side of their sexy dance music. 2008’s “My House” is the real banger here as it is a bit more straightforward as it attempts to get girls’ asses moving while simultaneously convincing those asses that they should come back for a night cap. If that album art is any indication I’d say it worked. Heck, I’m checking flights to Auckland right now!

♫ Kids of 88 – My House

[Thanks to Mike at The Recommender]

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