KING CHARLES has a jam i LOVE, possibly even LUST

with a guitar in my hand, a gun in my hand, i’d give it all up for your hand in my hand

♫ King Charles – Love Lust

England’s King Charles’ only formal connection to royalty is his royally sweet voice and jams that rule. Awful wordplay aside, I’ve got my hands on three of this guy’s tracks and it’ wasn’t easy picking one one for this post. Luckily The Recommender has the other two so after you fall for this song you can grab them as well. “Love Lust” is a soulfully bouncy ode to women that showcases dazzling guitars and galloping rhythms that are about as infectious as it gets. If you aren’t grooving out by the 2:25 mark then there is something wrong with you. King Charles is currently touring all around the UK and I highly recommend you catch his show as we all anticipate a full LP.

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  1. AshDraven
    AshDraven says:

    This song has been on daily rotation for the last week. 5 songs do not sate my appetite!

    P.S. – Having watched the video of King Charles live performance, THIS is the type of energy from a live band I'd pay $50 to see. Get this guy a U.S. tour!

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