[LIVE] SXSW Day 2 Recap + 360° Interviews

Day 2 was a blast. There was music, food, drink, and a lot of dancefloor shenanigans. I’ll refer you to the full lineup for a list of the ways our socks were rocked. Below are the interviews I was able to catch. I think DWNTWN’s gave me a new favorite location to do these…

American Royalty / American Royalty – Lately

Big Scary / Big Scary – Autumn

Youngblood Hawke / Youngblood Hawke – Rootless

Polarsets / Polarsets – Sunshine Eyes

DWNTWN / DWNTWN – Hungry Hearts

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  1. […] crowd was definitely the biggest dance party I’ve seen rocking out. (Well, aside from their TBE SXSW shows…) Awesome as […]

  2. […] of the evening was obviously DWNTWN. I’ve seen them rock stages a handful of times (Texas included!) but Saturday was the first with their new live drummer. And it was awesome. Swagger and […]

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