[LIVE] The Weeknd @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery – May 5th

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♫ The Weeknd – Montreal

When I think of Cinco de Mayo in Los Angeles I don’t think of cemeteries but that’s where I ended up last night. And it was perfect. The day of sun and beer had given way to a sharp black sky and looming supermoon. People lounging, snacking, and boozing just feet from the eternally resting. Then The Weeknd took the stage and brought a ruckus that immediately woke us all. His epic voice lived up to the records and he had energy for days. Whereas Edward Sharpe left me checking my watch, last night my mind didn’t wander from the stage for a second. Then The Weekend lays down his “oooohs” from Drake’s “Crew Love” and got into his lines, much to everyone’s delight. Then Drake came out and the cemetery exploded with the kind of shrill joy that only comes at an all ages show.

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Watching Drake and Abel crush through “Crew Love” together just feet away was a total treat. But Drake didn’t linger in the spotlight. He couldn’t really. The Weeknd had it on lockdown. His band was tight. The moon was white. The lights were bright. And dammit if every body in that cemetery didn’t feel alright. Watch below as The Weeknd close out the night with an acoustic version of “Wicked Games” as the supermoon above adds to the epic ambiance.

♫ Abel Tesfaye – Get In There

The just released “Get In There” is the first track Abel ever recorded back in ’07. You can hear the potential but you can also hear how young and unsure of himself he sounds in contrast to the dead confident lines he lays down now as The Weeknd. Thank goodness he has so much to be confident about these days.

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