[LP] EVERYTHING EVERYTHING have good jams weather you are a SUFFRAGETTE or not a SUFFRAGETTE

who is gonna sit on your face when i’m gone? who is gonna sit on your face when i’m not there?

♫ Everything Everything – Suffragette Suffragette

It was Joel & Scott’s Remix Roundup that introduced me to Everything Everything via the Clock Opera remix of “MY KZ, UR BF.”Intrigued by what I heard, and all the blog buzz that I quickly discovered, I got my paws on their debut LP, Man Alive. I’ve been digesting it for a week or so now and it’s definitely an interesting album. I was initially disappointed in both the album and the original version on “MY KZ, UR BF” but after a few listens the whole endeavor is slowly growing on me. Its definitely a headphone album, you want all the weird sounds and vocal acrobatics to swirl through your ears unencumbered. So anyway, while I work on figuring out how much I like this album, I can tell you one thing, I love “Suffragette Suffragette.” Besides all the great angular hooks and dance-rock spazzing out, there is that unforgettable chorus (above) that is begging for an answer! My only complaint is that apparently this jam came out a single in 2008 and I never knew about it until know. Harumph. Anyway, I’m curious what you guys are thinking about this album. It seems like a polarizer so it’s kinda weird that I am on the fence.

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  1. Max
    Max says:

    I wanted to like them! I really like the cover-art and the descriptions on blogs and stuff really appealed to me, but… the singer’s voice is just TOO annoying! I really love the instrumentals and the ideas in the songs, but aargh, I just can’t stand that voice.

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Yeah, I hear ya. I can get down with his vocals on some of the tracks but a lot of the time it just feels forced, like he is trying to fill a niche that doesnt need to be filled.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Love the album. Had some great sing-along moments to Suffragette Suffragette on roadtrips this summer.

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