[LP] The Rapture – IN THE GRACE OF YOUR LOVE (w/ “Children”)

now you’re gone and all that’s left, a piece of you i can’t forget

♫ The Rapture – Children

Nobody can call The Rapture a band that doesn’t evolve. Nothing illustrates that clearer then when their latest album In The Grace Of Your Love (stream the whole thing below) plays through in my iTunes and then their debut 1999 release Mirrors follows it automatically (and alphabetically). To hear such a jarring shift in sounds reminds me that there was a time pre- 2006’s Pieces of The People We Love that I really couldn’t get into them. But then came Pieces and it’s abundance of cowbell and good times. In my mind that album is a party in plastic packaging which is funny because I revisited it today and was surprised to hear how many of the tracks are actually kinda unremarkable. Good, but not great. Apparently my selective memory just focused on “Don Gon Do It,” “Whoo Alright” and a few others, extrapolating their top-notch awesomeness to cover my memory of the whole album. Weird.

Ok, so I am rambling about their old album because it struck me as quite relevant to how I feel about their latest. I have been listening to In The Grace Of Your Love for a week now and generally enjoying it. Generally. But when I start digging into it track by track I am left with a similar feeling as Pieces: tracks like “Come Back To Me,” “Children” (above), “It Takes Time To Be A Man,” and previously posted first single “How Deep Is Your Love” stand out as stellar tracks but the rest don’t ever beg for a repeat.

So again, I’m not really sure what the hell I’m talking about here because I still like the album, I do. It may even be better that Pieces. Just follow the extended audio journey of “Come Back To Me” or the stumbling piano ballad “It Takes Time To Be  Man” and its easy to admit these guys are a great band. However, I can’t help but feel that The Rapture are a great band that often settle for OK songs as filler. And that kinda bums me out.

The Rapture – In The Grace Of Your Love by DFA Records


Bonus: Read the band’s words on each song in this Guardian interview.

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  1. Philippe Chappuis
    Philippe Chappuis says:

    Yep – I can only agree with this review. I didn’t know The Rapture before and was a bit disappointed with the first track thinking, oh! that’s just a mix between The Killers and The Kings of Leon. But the more the album proceeds, the better it gets. “It takes time to be a man” is my favourite. Love the beat and piano licks.

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