[MP3] Blue Boats – “Summers Down”

when i’m down, i wanna see you now

♫ Blue Boats – Summers Down

  • Who: Oliver Gale
  • What: Bedroom surf pop, like Art Imperial, The Fantasies, The Danks
  • Where: Bournemouth, UK + Facebook
  • When: The “Sun Burns” single is out now.
  • Why: If the guy in that album art took off %75 of his clothes and that field was the beach and there was hottie in the water off to the left and a boombox playing TBE’s Summer mixtapes at his feet then it would be a lot like this song. But we can’t fault Oliver. He lives in England so the fact that he is crafting such delicately catchy vitamin-D soaked  music is basically a miracle. Go get “Sun Burns” free to round out your beach playlist for this weekend. [via TMN]