[LIVE] Caught A Ghost @ The Satellite – May 15th

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♫ Caught A Ghost – Time Go

My first encounter with Caught A Ghost was when they impressed me with their live show back in December so after falling hard for slow burn groover “Time Go” and high-speed soul dub “Sleeping At Night” I was stoked to catch them at their May residency at The Satellite. Not content to just show up and play the tunes, Jesse Nolan and company turned the residency into a weekly hallows eve style party they dubbed The Hereafter. Already a good sign. So when they took the stage with a DJ, 2 saxophone players, and 2 girls in stretchy ghost skins I knew we were in for a treat. Having never heard anything besides the 3 song CAG mixtape, much of the show was new material but that didn’t stop the band from nailing it perfectly and driving it right into my soul. Nolan’s voice is on the money and his band is right with him at every turn. People were even dancing. In LA. On a Monday. Awesome.

Catch them live if you are in the LA area! If you aren’t then get them to your down by supporting their Kickstarter campaign!

Upcoming shows:

5/21/12 – The Satellite, LA, CA

5/28/12 – The Satellite, LA, CA


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