[MP3] JJ just LET THEM chill jams flow

we’ll meet again, and until then i’ll let you know, oh no, what can i say that you don’t already know

♫ jj – Let Them

jj have been big on the blogs for a while now with Pitchfork creaming over their unique brand of hazy Scandinavian hip-hop re-workings. I’ve always found them intriguing bet never full enjoyable. Latest single “Let Them” instantly caught me as something with a bit more bite. The track is based on T.I.’s “Let Em Talk” but as you can hear, jj have stripped it bare and rebuilt it with just ice, fog, and mirrors. I love how the once biting rap lyrics are delivered in such a sultry way, slipping over the beat and turning the whole thing into something so new yet so familiar .

BONUS: Here is one of jj’s jams from their debut LP from last year. Underneath the magic lotion there is a Lil Wayne song!

♫ jj – Ecstacy / jj n° 2, 2009

If these guys are new to you and you are feeling this vibe then some blog sleuthing will turn up a bunch more goodies for you!

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