[MP3] STARSMITH has a track WE can LEAVE on the stereo as we drift into TONIGHT

♫ Starsmith – We Leave Tonight

Today I will be on a plane. The clouds will seems to float by as I cruise towards the states, towards family, towards old friends. This is the track that I will be listening to as thoughts of the things to come swirl through my brain. It will be perfect. It is perfect. And Starsmith made it. A delicate gleam of piano driven sunshine that reaches across the sky to slip past your ears and right into your heart.

The man known for producing Ellie Goulding and remixing everyone from Passion pit to Lady Gaga is working on his debut LP scheduled for early next year. Other tracks we’ve heard so far are highly danceable electro-disco. It’s great to see he can handle his softer side with such grace.

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