[MP3] THEME PARK want you to MILK your friday for all its worth

i’ve seen her dancing, i’ve seen her cry, i’ve got two hands can i give this one a try

♫ Theme Park – Milk

Naming your band Theme Park puts a lot of pressure on bringing great times to good kids. Titling your first single “Milk” just adds to the “it-better-be-good-for-children” pressure. Well, as a man-child with a smile on his face and strangely resilient feeling in his bones I am here to tell you that Theme Park does not disappoint. Mind you, this isn’t the thrills, chills, and vomit of a roller coaster ride, nor the over-priced grease-fest at the food court, this is the simple joy and smile of winning a stuffed penguin at the dart thrown or ring toss. This is cotton candy and warm summer nights. This is the running to get in line again at your favorite ride. This is Talking Heads meets modern indie. This is 2 brothers and 3 friends in London who just started making music earlier this year. This is the sound of them getting it right. Get more of that right their Soundcloud.

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