[MP3] TROPHY WIFE don’t TAKE much time getting into with THIS jam to play at NIGHT

won’t you show me how to dance, dance, dance, i will take this night to a different place

♫ Trophy Wife – Take This Night

If there is any bit of sunlight where you are then this is the jam to play as you bask in it’s fading rays of warmth. Hailing from rainy Oxford, England, these guys sure know how to infuse hazy warmth into their breezy jams. If you are hearing some Foals in there then you won’t be surprised to know that both bands hail from the same town (neigborhood even) and are now even on tour together. That’s a show I would love to see. Of the 2 tracks on their MySpace, “Take This Night” is not even one of them but it is certainly a promising piece of pop from a band I hope to hearing much more from soon. This guy is also really stoked.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I’ll actually be seeing these play with Foals and Toro Y Moi in early November! This is the first I’ve heard of them though so thanks for that – looking forward to the gig ever more now. :)

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