[MP3] WALK THE MOON wanna take ANNA and you to a dance party as hot as the SUN

screen falling off the door, door hanging off the hinges, my feet are still sore, my back is on the fringes

♫ Walk The Moon – Anna Sun

Check your cynicism at the door and no residents of haternation allowed cause this post is for good-time-happy-party-people only! Cincinnati’s Walk The Moon are channeling nothing but smiles and sunshine on this lead single full of hip-swinging hooks, tangy guitar riffs and yearning lyrics. If just listening doesn’t make you smile then try and make it through the fantastically shot video (below) without feeling a bit better about your day.

“Anna Sun” kicks off Walk The Sun’s debut LP, I Want, I Want, which is available now and is currently at the top of my personal wish list. I hope I can share a full review soon!

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  1. Scdance
    Scdance says:

    I love this song. it has been on repeat for the last 4 days. Thank you so much TBE. But do you know what would be fantastic? A playlist of songs like this. I have one that I just started today and have compiled a total of three songs, yes three, that would fit with this one that I could think of. It consists of Patrick Wolf – The City, Walk The Moon – Anna Sun, and Wolf Gang – Lions in Cages. So basically my playlist sucks a hard one. And songs like this, for me, don’t come around all too often. This may be uncalled for, but I, and I’m sure many others, would greatly appreciate a playlist of many songs like this one. TBE4L.

  2. pik
    pik says:

    hah agree with Sedance! it would be great to make a playlist full of such great energetic party songs that instantly make you smile :)

    thanks Brandon for another great tune :)

  3. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Haha, thanks Scdance! That’s really nice to hear. I’d love to make a mix like this but I don’t really know what specifically you are looking for. I am downloading “The City” no to familiarize myself with the 3rd song but what exactly is the common thread you are seeing here? When you say “like this one” in what way do you mean? I can draw my own conclusions but I’m curious what you think.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I’d also put Hold It In by Jukebox the Ghost, Turnpike Ghost by Steel Train and This Is Not The Time by Superfamily on there…. :)

  5. Savannah
    Savannah says:

    LOVE this song! I found it a couple weeks ago, maybe from Stumbleupon? Anyway, thanks for posting!
    I’d maybe add to the playlist we’ve got going:
    Hi-Fi Goon – Throw Me The Statue
    AM/FM Sound – Matt & Kim
    Plastic Slides – Winter Gloves
    Never Get Enough – Das Pop
    Billionaires – Your Twenties

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