PENGUIN PRISON is A pretty FUNNY THING to name your music

penguin prison

now i’m in love, the problem’s solved

♫ Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing

You may remember Penguin Prison from his simmering remix of “I Am Not A Robot” from a while back.  The New York based dude is finally on the scene with a quality jam of his own. He dropped “Animal Animal” a bit ago but despite a Mike Tyson reference the song is pretty spineless. (And naming it twice doesn’t make it half as good as the one named once.) I was kinda disappointed in Penguin Prison until I heard “A Funny Thing.” He really brings it on this one, bouncing you along his lamentations of love and loneliness with a bit of back-alley-hobo flair. Let’s hope he gets his business straight and keeps the quality jams coming. Some album art would be good too.

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  1. Tobi
    Tobi says:

    yah. i've been on a quest to find Penguin Prison's album art. but i have to disagree about 'Animal, Animal'. That would be because I heard his music in this order: A funny thing, I am not a robot remix, and then Animal Animal. so i guess

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