[STREAM] Egyptian Hip Hop – “SYH” + “Yoro Diallo”

let us begin to find our patience

  • Who: 4 blokes.
  • What: Indie grooves, like Toro Y Moi, Wild Nothing, LexiconDon
  • Where: Manchester, UK + Facebook
  • When: Debut LP Good Don’t Sleep is out now.
  • Why: If you have been following EHH since we posted on them over 2 years ago then you know how their sound has evolved. Fair enough for a band that started in their teens. While Good Don’t Sleep is a bit hit or miss for me, the hits hit hard. “SYH” is a sneaky, infectiously haunting and percussive jam. “Yoro Diallo” leans more on that instantly engaging guitar line that keeps me hooked. Two tracks that will continue to keep EHH on my radar as damn taleted guys. If only they didn’t shy away from this kind of catchy groove work on the rest of the album!