SURFER BLOOD had me reaching FAST for a dictionary to lookup JABRONI

my arms and legs they will grow soft with you

♫ Surfer Blood – Take It Easy

I had a tough time figuring out my feelings for Surfer Blood’s lead single “Swim” and I having an equally tough time figuring out what I think of their debut album, Astrocoast. After finally being sold on “Swim,” and then falling in love with “Take It Easy,” I was initially disappointed to hear Astrocoast and find it mostly lacking their energy or power. The album starts off with the fantastic mood-setter “Floating Vibes” before baring it’s teeth with “Swim” and then swaggering through “Take It Easy.” After that, however, things fall of the rock-wagon a bit. Sure, the raw guitars and beachfront-garage sound is still there but this is not the same stadium worthy sound that won the blogosphere’s heart with “Swim.” However, after repeated listens over the past two weeks the album has grown on me a bit and I’m beginning to appreciate the other Surfer Blood, the one I hear on the latter two-thirds of the album. “Fast Jabroni” is my favorite jam out of those tracks, it’s churning guitars taking me on a sonic adventure that distracts me from my previous disappointment. Unfortunately, it is followed by it’s mellowed-out counterpart, “Slow Jabroni,” a firm reminder that these guys are not making anything else as epic as “Swim” or as catchy as “Take It Easy.”

♫ Surfer Blood – Fast Jabroni

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  1. woofdog
    woofdog says:

    someone borrowed my copy and hasn't given it back… can someone post the lyrics to Fast Jabroni? I haven't found them anywhere on the net.

    going to catch a couple of their shows in 2 weeks. should be fun.

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