Yes, Giantess’ new track is Tough. N’ other Stuff too…

Yes, Giantess

she got a tongue like a crackin’ whip

♫ Yes Giantess – Tuff n’ Stuff

Yes Giantess’ profile describes them as being the “tequila-fueled love-child of Iglu & Hartly and Hockey, with a raging doubt that Passion Pit might actually be the father [of].” Since all three of those bands are TBE faves (click links!) I would be remiss to no pass along this track. Actually, those reasons have nothing to do with why I am sharing this. I share because it is a good song, regardless of any illegitimate paternity issues. I also share because it is an interesting song. Tuff N’ Stuff starts out clear enough, a love song with a rapping-over-synth combo (that reminds me of Chiddy Bang’s “Truth” for some reason). And then something happens. It’s balls just drop off. The drums cut out and singer Jan Rosenfeld goes all mushy on us with words like “smiling,” beautiful,” “feelings” and the real kicker, “love.” Whoa. But then BAM, the dance party is back on and he is comparing her to a pirate ship! It’s just back and forth, up and down, hot and cold, tough and stu.. Oh. I get it. Awesome.

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