Big Boi – “C.P.U.” ft Phantogram + “Shoes For Running” ft. Wavves & B.o.B

Big Boi Dangerous

as i scroll through the centerfolds, wishing that the screen was three-dimensional, i know it doesn’t seem too conventional, but it’ll do until i get you in the physical

If you are one of the many who pretty much ignored Big Boi’s latest album then I’ve gotta draw your attention to these two tracks. Most of the rest is just a depressing reminder that Vicious Lies is definitely not Sir Lucious Leftfoot 2. Who ever knows why these follow ups often fall off so hard. I do know that Phantogram steams up the glass on slippery sex-jam “C.P.U.” and Wavves’ garage scruff is an awesome addition to “Shoes For Running.” Add on “She Hates Me” and “She Said OK” and Big Boi could have had an airtight gold medal EP. Guaranteed nobody needs all 17 tracks here.

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  1. J Rich
    J Rich says:

    yeah, definitely not a sequel. i actually enjoy the album, but even after several times through it, still catch myself thinking “wait, this is a big boi album?” but that said, She Hates Me is almost as good as Hustle Blood was, and impossible to get off repeat. Good stuff.

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