Bombay Bicycle Club have me hoping it’s Always Like This


you know what i am so you know how i live

Bombay Bicycle Club – Always Like This

Woah-ly shit! This song just barreled me over the first time I heard it! This is what I’m talkin’ about, baby! I guess Bombay Bicycle Club have a couple EPs and a single release under their belt and “Always Like This” is the first single from their upcoming debut LP, I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose. They get a lot of Arctic Monkeys comparisons but I think thats just cause they are still teenagers (what!?) like the Arctics were when they blew up.  Anyway, the “Always Like This” single comes tomorrow with remixes by Tim Goldsworthy (LCD Soundsystem), and others. Going back into Bombay Bicycle Club’s brief song-ography it’s clear that they have come a long way since their initial, NME-backed, hype storm in 2007. “Always Like This” sees them adding layers of deph to their jangly/jaunty vibe. Want another gem to tie you over until the full LP? Ok, fine, but I warn you that these are not as powerful as “Always Like This” although they do illustrate their rapidly evolving talent. “Open House” is a rawer, churning rocker from their first EP The Boy I Used To Be (above).

Bombay Bicycle Club – Open House

Their single Evening/Morning garnered some attention last year but it’s widely available to the google-savvy and I personally prefer it’s mellower, more intimate, b-side.

Bombay Bicycle Club – You Already Know

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