Boy 8-Bit has carved great a song with Baltic Pine


♫ Boy 8 Bit – Baltic Pine (Radio Edit)

Instrumental electro/trance/house/whatever is not usually my cup of tea but there is something about “Baltic Pine” that gets a pass. A welcome, even. Apparently Boy 8-Bit made his name making “bleep” style music inspired by soundtracks of old school video games (or something like that). His maturity is our gain as we get this bouncy, spacey, under-watery, funk-jam that has been grooving me through the past few weeks. As for the rest of the EP, the cover art makes quite a claim but I guess it’s technically true. If this kind of music is your jam then I recommend giving it a listen but if digging a track like this is unusual for you, then (like me) you probably wont be down with it.

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