Eye Emma Jedi – EP (w/ “Sin” + Coucheron Remix)

Eye Emma jedi

knowing all the things, all the things i do, i could never say, i’ll show you

It was the Coucheron remix of “Sin” that first caught my ear and been on repeat the past few weeks. Its laid back, bouncy, and with a bit of crunch. Luckily I checked out the source material and discovered that Eye Emma Jedi is more than the remix had me believing. The original “Sin” sports screeching guitars, plinking synths, and vocals I could already sing along to! Going through the rest of their tracks its clear that these guys have a great grasp on a number of styles and influences. Which really makes sense when you learn that they are 3 Norwegians and 2 Brits. Its an alt-indie dream team! Make sure you check “Wounded Eyes” if you are a fan of big monster truck guitars and soaring riffs.

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