[LP] Hugo – OLD TYME RELIGION (w/ “Old Tyme Religion” & “99 Problems”)

a little taste of the forbidden so sweet it made me deaf and blind

♫ Hugo – Old Tyme Religion

You all remember Hugo from his twangy “99 Problems” cover and his solid original jam “Bread & Butter.” Well he finally dropped his debut LP on Jay-Z’s label and if that sounds odd then you haven’t heard the thing yet. Hugo is distictly soulful and folksy but with a bit of grit in the mix, the title track of the album being a prime example. It’s got funk, bounce, and backwoods flavor all rolled into one. Cruise over to his MySpace for a few more samples off the LP. “Rock n’ Roll Delight” is a slice of his sensual side and “Hopelessly Stoned” is more of that funk rock that makes the whole album so solid and enjoyable.

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