[MP3] Galantis – “Tank”

♫ Galantis – Tank

  • Who: According to A-Trak’s radio show it’s Bloodshy, Carli & Style of Eye.
  • What: Beats n beats, like Joe and Will Ask?, NoteOn
  • Where: Sweden + Facebook?
  • When: “Tank” is out on the Robotberget label’s EP1.
  • Why: Karlsson & Winnberg, Bloodshy & Avant, The Swedes of Miike Snow, however you want to call them they just started a label called Robotberget and it’s 1st showcase EP features this aptly named village-destroyer by Galantis. This one makes me want to build a couch fort and valiantly defend it against the oncoming hordes. Pull your sheet/cape close. It’s about to get epic…
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