[MP3] Paula & Karol – “Whole Again”

not much i can say to all the ones that travelled far but lost their way

♫ Paula & Karol – Whole Again

  • Who: Paula (girl), Karol (boy), & friends.
  • What: Symbiotic indie folk, like Peter & Kerry, Joseph & David, Belle & Sebastian
  • Where: Warsaw, Poland + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: 2nd LP Whole Again is out April 19th.
  • Why: As you may remember from almost exactly 1 year ago, Paula & Karol make soulful boy/girl indie folk as well as a mean cover of “Can I Kick It?” The last time I saw them live was in Warsaw, Poland. The next time will be today in Austin, Texas. Awesome. In the meantime they have been working away on their next LP Whole Again which will be perfect for lazy summer afternoon and mixtapes for new lovers. Start with “Whole Again.” Continue with it’s goofball video (Palac Kultury hat!). Finish at the TBE SXSW parties 3/14 at 3:30pm & 3/16 at 2:45pm.
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  1. Becky1163
    Becky1163 says:

    Whole again…that is GREAT!  I’ll be getting the cd on April 19!  Can’t wait..thanks  for all you put out here!  I am honored with your talent!

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