[MP3] The 2 Bears – “Work”

to do what i’m doing right now i really must be blessed

♫ The 2 Bears – Work (Radio Edit)

  • Who: Joe Goddard from Hot Chip and some guy called Raf Rundell
  • What: Key driven spazz funk, like Hot Chip, Hot Chip, Hot Chip
  • Where: London + Facebook / Amazon
  • When: Debut LP Be Strong is out Jan 30th.
  • Why: Apparently while Joe Goddard was stealthily making sweet jams under his own name, he was also making slightly less secretive tracks as one of The 2 Bears. Their remix of Death Cab (below) made the rounds earlier last year and now their single “Work” is geting bodies moving worldwide. I don’t know why Goddard is such a side-project slut but if all the illegitimate musical love babies sound this good then do it, Joe.

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