[MP3] Lady Danville – “Operating”

i wish you could believe i meant it all for you to know

♫ Lady Danville – Operating

  • Who: Michael, Dan, & Matthew
  • What: Vocal piano pop, kinda like Local Natives, Ben Folds, Jack’s Mannequin
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: The Operating EP is out February 14th. Aww…
  • Why: You may remember Lady Danville from their fantastic “Kids” cover from almost 3 years ago (below). They have been keeping us waiting since then but finally just returned in a big way with “Operating.” The vocals are huge and the hooks even bigger, the whole thing forcing me to sing along at top volumes. Their sound has evolved in remarkable ways, leaving few traces of the band we knew. I’ve heard the rest of the EP and it’s arena-sized sing alongs built for thousands. Gone are the days of twee-pop singer-songwriter soft-serve in place of a sound like Death Cab and Local Natives having a sleepover pillow-fight at the Hollywood Bowl. I guess a near death tour van wreck will do that to a band (see the for-reals album art). Now I’m not saying that they should get in more wrecks but if this is the music that comes out, then… well… just maybe.

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  1. Biiij
    Biiij says:

    You should look up for Cars from them. Awesome tune I’ve been carrying around in my player for 3 years or so

  2. Jo frenchy
    Jo frenchy says:

    I am following Lady Danville since a couple of years now….they are all incredibly talented. Keep up the good work.

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