[REMIX] Johnny Neon – Hearts (Who Killed JR’s Tony Danza remix)

just listen up homeboy, we don’t give a shit if you don’t like the way we make noise

♫ Johnny Neon – Hearts (Who Killed JR’s Tony Danza remix)

We all know and love Johnny Neon from his infectiously furry jam/video “Hearts” and we remember Who Killed JR from their top remix of 2011 (M83) and we may even remember when this very collaboration was posted by Joel a few weeks back. Or more likely we don’t remember anything because the world is falling apart and its all any of can do to remember to not get murdered by a rabid Mayan fearing for the end of days. So that’s why I’m posting special reminder with this jam. Get more Johnny Neon in your life. Get more Who Killed JR too.

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