[MP3] THE GOOD NATURED’s new single comes at you like a pack of party WOLVES

i hear the howling and it’s time to let go, the moon is rising and i’ll never be alone

♫ The Good Natured – Wolves

Get ready to jump up and down and dance around the room cause that’s exactly the kind of jam we have here! Right out of the gate “Wolves” takes the reigns and get’s it’s party on. With a bit of Ladyhawke in her blood, The Good Natured is 20 year old Londoner Sarah McIntosh who has already had some TBE fame with the highly acclaimed Baby Monster remix of last year’s single “Your Body Is A Machine.” It’s nice to hear more from this young upstart and even nicer to hear that her jams are getting even better. “Wolves” is a massive track that gets my blood pumping every time. Her Be My Animal EP is out now and I tink I’m on my way to pick it up. If it has a few more treats of this caliber then I think we’ve got ourselves a list topping EP!

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  1. Whitey
    Whitey says:

    First, Be my animal and now Wolves! I think this Chickie has really tapped into her primal instincts!

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