Friendly Fires haters can just Kiss Of(f). Life is too short to not be On Board.


a thousand butterflies from your lips to mine

♫ Friendly Fires – Kiss of Life

One of the the things that has always impressed my about Friendly Fires is their ability to craft songs of a variety of vibes while still keeping their ‘sound’ or ‘voice’ or whatever. None of the songs on their debut LP sound alike and any one could stand alone as a single. Well then, it’s a treat to have bonus track of sorts. “Kiss Of Life” was released/leaked recently and it looks like it will be one of three new tracks on their album re-release set for August 31st. At first listen I brushed it off but after a few more spins and a look at the simple yet effective video I was sold. And come one, at 2:30, when the drums snap it all back together just try not to air-drum. Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba… ta ta ta TATATATA! Hell yeah! More like “Kick Of Life.” In your pants!

♫ Friendly Fires – On Board

“On Board” is the first track I discovered by FF and an underrated early single off of the album. Comparing it’s goofball video to the one for “Kiss Of Life” is an interesting study in the evolution of the band’s public persona. Maturity? Hype = pressure to be hip? Passion for color replaced with desire to wear all black in the desert?

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